ALGAE CONTROL: There’s a pretty good chance your pond will experience an algae bloom. Whether it’s string algae or single-cell algae, it grows extremely fast and can quickly “choke-out” your entire pond. Heavy algae is not only unsightly, but it can stress your koi and can potentially affect their breathing. It’s important to keep your pond balanced with help from chemical treatments to avoid algae blooms.
String algae thrives in waterfalls, streams, and shallow areas of your pond. With water temperatures above 70ºF and lots of direct sunlight, algae will blossom in these areas. Water ttemperature changes play a huge role in algae growth.
New ponds often experience single-cell algae blooms. Without an ultraviolet filter or chemical treatments, it may take months for the pond to rebalance itself.
STRING ALGAE: Long, thin, sticky, stringy, green, hair-like algae. Requires a chemical treatment followed by a pond vacuuming for best results.
SINGLE CELL ALGAE: Green water or “Pea Soup” colored water. Murky green pond water with virtually zero visibility. Beneficial bacteria works great for single cell algae.
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