POND PLANTS: North County Ponds specializes in all aspects of pond and small lake management. One of our favorite services is helping pond owners set-up their ponds with aquatic pond plants. We specialize in pond plant care and pond plant decor. Whether it's fertilizing, repotting, manicuring, or plant set-ups, we are knowledgeable in all aspects of aquatic plant management. Let North County Ponds help you get the most out of your pond plants. We can keep your aquatic plant life looking beautiful year-round, season after season!
Floating pond plants thrive in the summer months when water temperatures rise above 65ºF. The look great in streams, header ponds, or when anchored/grouped in larger quantities on the sides or corner areas of your pond. They provide excellent shelter for your fish, while removing harmful toxins from the water. Floating pond plants remove excess ammonia and fish waste from your pond. Ferry Moss, Duck Weed, Hyacinth, Pennywort, Sensitive Plant, Parrot Feather, Water Lettuce, and Frogbit are all types of floating pond plants. ***Click here for examples of floating pond plants.
Submerged pond plants are great oxygenators for ponds with little to no water flow. They help fight algae by starving the algae from the nutrients it needs to flourish. These plants can be rapid growers and can quickly take over your entire pond. Be careful adding these plants to your pond. Once they are added, they are very difficult to remove. We only recommend these plants for stagnant ponds. ***Click here for examples of submerged pond plants.
Bog plants add so much to your pond. They are unique and look great when combined with other bog plants. They should be planted in the shallowest areas of your pond. Streams, waterfalls, header ponds, or the edges of your pond are perfect for a bog plant collaboration. Types of bog plants include: Saggaterria, Cannas, Cattail, Clover, Fiber Optic, Floating Hearts, Forget Me Knot, Golden Flag, Iris, Papyrus, Pickerel, Red Ruby Runner, Taro, Rushes, Palms, and Water Celery. ***Click here for examples of bog pond plants.
Water lillies are many pond owners pride and joy. They come in a variety of colors. They are exotic and extremely beautiful. Some water lillies even give off pungent, sensual fragrances. Most water lilies thrive during warm summer months and go dormant during winter. Water lillies are a must for every pond. They too, can provide for excellent shelter for you koi. ***Click here for examples of water lily pond plants.
Ahh, the show-stopper. Yes, the Lotus is most pond hobbyists favorite aquatic plant. Their delicate flowers are breathtaking. Large and dramatic and extremely colorful, the Water Lotus adds a dramatic effect to the overall aesthetics of your pond. These plants require a lot of fertilizer, warmth, and sun. Their growing season is relatively short, but worth planting in your pond. One of our favorite plants. ***Click here for examples of water lotus pond plants.
If your pond is new or old, large or small, North County Ponds is trained in a variety of pond care services including regular pond maintenance, on-call pond services, pond clean-outs, complete filter system installs, pond water treatments, system cleanings, pond sealing, koi medicating, koi and fish care, algae control, aquatic plant care, and all other aspects of pond and lake management. Call North County Ponds at 760-710-1632 for questions, pricing info, or to schedule a free pond consultation.
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