POND CARE: Backyard show ponds are becoming increasingly more popular. When making the decision to build a koi fish pond, it is important to understand the responsibilities of caring for a pond. Many pond owners are unaware of the required pond maintenance that goes into keeping your pond not only looking beautiful, but maintaining a healthy underwater environment for your prize koi as well.
Our view of a healthy pond ecosystem is a clear water environment where pond species thrive, while working in harmony with aquatic plants and aquatic microbes. The goal is to manage these diverse, symbiotic pond relationships in order to achieve a naturally balanced pond. Since backyard ponds are not natural ponds, a good pond caretaker must understand how to control the boundaries set forth by a man-made pond. North County Ponds’ proven pond maintenance techniques will greatly improve the overall condition of your pond, it’s water quality, and the health of your koi fish.
Every pond is different, no two ponds are the same. Each pond has it’s own unique attributes that determine which maintenance program will be best suited for your pond‘s needs. The size of the pond, the degree of sunlight, the amounts and varieties of aquatic plants, and the number and sizes of livestock in your pond, all play a big role when trying to maintain a healthy underwater environment. No matter which pond maintenance program you choose, our regimen will include three definitive tasks, each of which are required for proper pond operation.
FILTER SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: Your pond filter system should be filtering the water volume twice every hour. Without enough water flow in your pond, it is very difficult to maintain proper water balance. You must run your pond pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure correct biological pond filtration. Biological filtration is the conversion of toxic ammonia and nitrites (animal waste and decaying organic matter) into less harmful nitrates which are consumed by aquatic plants as food. The purpose your filter media is to rapidly encourage this process while trapping debris. Unfortunately, this also creates a lot of build-up in your filter system. You must keep your filter clean, (without removing all of the beneficial bacteria) not only to keep your entire system from clogging, but to control toxicity levels in the pond. North County Ponds’ maintenance staff are trained professionals, experienced with all types of biological and mechanical pond filter systems.
POND WATER CHANGES: We recommend 25% weekly water changes for all ponds. Unfortunately, in today’s environmental state, our current water resources are dissipating and water conservation efforts are a must. Using controlled fish diets, efficient filter media cleaning methods, and filter waste recycling techniques, North County Ponds know how to extend the value of your water use, without compromising the health of your koi fish or pond pets.
POND WATER TREATMENTS: One way to help minimize the volume of water changed, is with the use of organic or chemical pond water treatments. Ammonia, algae, sludge, pH, floating matter, nitrites and nitrates can all be treated with organic or chemical treatments. Understanding how and when to use these treatments will determine their effectiveness. Not knowing how to use these treatment methods can result in fish and plant harm, even death. North County Ponds has years of experience with a variety of organic and chemical pond water treatments. Whether you have a large or small pond, we will keep your water crystal clear and your fish happy.
If your pond is new or old, large or small, North County Ponds is trained in a variety of pond care services including regular pond maintenance, on-call pond services, pond clean-outs, complete filter system installs, pond water treatments, system cleanings, pond sealing, koi medicating, koi and fish care, algae control, aquatic plant care, and all other aspects of pond and lake management. Call North County Ponds at 760-710-1632 for questions, pricing info, or to schedule a free pond consultation.
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