POND PUMP MAINTENANCE: Pond pumps are basically the heart of your pond. Controlling the water circulation is it’s job. A clean and healthy pond environment requires a properly functioning pond pump system. Your pond pump must circulated the entire pond water volume a minimum of 2x per hour. Falling short of this ratio will greatly contribute to a unhealthy, dirty, toxic koi pond ecosystem. Maintain proper water flow by regularly cleaning all leaf traps and pump impellers.
North County Pond’s is trained in basic maintenance for a variety of pond pump systems. We know how to guarantee optimum water circulation for your pond.
LEAF TRAP MAINTENANCE: Clogged leaf traps or skimmer baskets can cause big problems for your pond’s filter system. Without water flow, your pump will run dry and possibly cease, your filter beneficial bacteria levels will plummet, and your pond water will turn stagnant. All leaf traps and skimmer baskets must be regularly kept free of debris.
PUMP IMPELLER MAINTENANCE: Just like your skimmer baskets and traps, your pump’s impeller must also be regularly checked for clogging. Organic pond debris can easily build-up in the impeller chamber and needs to be removed to insure proper flow-rates.
If your pond is new or old, large or small, North County Ponds is trained in a variety of pond care services including regular pond maintenance, on-call pond services, pond clean-outs, complete filter system installs, pond treatments, system cleanings, pond sealing, koi medicating, koi and fish care, algae control, aquatic plant care, and all other aspects of pond and lake management. Please call North County Ponds at 760-710-1632 for questions, pricing info, or to schedule a free pond consultation.
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