POND WATER TESTING: Neglecting to test the condition of your pond water can lead to pond life fatalities and harm to delicate aquatic pond plants. A pond owner should always be aware of what conditions are affecting the health of their pond. Outside temperature changes, amount of direct sunlight, water changes, adding new fish, new pond equipment, or even the amount and type of food you feed your fish can spark unwanted changes to the condition of pond's water.
Increased ammonia, a change in nitrate/nitrite levels, varying pH levels, or an excessive amount of chlorine or other toxins found in tap water, can cause harm to pond life. Regular water testing will help determine what type of required treatments are necessary for your pond. Consistent testing and treating of your pond water is essential.
North County Ponds recommends you test your pond water at least once a week. For smaller ponds, less than 1000 gallons with large fish loads, you may want to test more frequently. Knowing and understanding the molecular balance of your pond's water may save the lives of your fish and help determine how to keep your pond water clean, clear, and healthy.
If your pond is new or old, large or small, North County Ponds is trained in a variety of pond care services including regular pond maintenance, on-call pond services, pond clean-outs, complete filter system installs, pond water treatments, system cleanings, pond sealing, koi medicating, koi and fish care, algae control, aquatic plant care, and all other aspects of pond and lake management. Call North County Ponds at 760-710-1632 for questions, pricing info, or to schedule a free pond consultation.
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