SUBMERGED POND PLANTS: Adding these plants to your pond is a big decision. In some cases, these plants offer added filtration and increased oxygen levels to ponds with restricted water flow. One benefit we have experienced with submerged aquatic pond plants, is they aid in developing fertilized koi eggs, as they provide excellent shelter. They also add as physical stimulant for the koi. Koi fish love to swim through the underwater plant leaves. Unfortunately, these plants are extremely evasive and near impossible to remove. With a little time, these submerged pond plants can swallow a pond whole! Types of submerged plants include: Anacharis, Hornwort, Vallisneria, and Cabomba.
Spiny, seaweedy plant that stretches to the pond surface. Notorious for clogging skimmer intakes and filters. Grows year round. Only recommended for extremely stagnant ponds. Resembles underwater Parrot Feather. Soft and bristly to the touch. Grow well in gravel on pond floor. Evasive grower, also clogs filter systems. Only recommended for extremely stagnant ponds.
Long, flat leaves that stretch to break the water surface. Thrive all year, but do best in summer. Grow well in gravel. Also known for it’s rapid growth. Only recommended for extremely stagnant ponds. Feathery bright green leaves that thrive with lots of sunlight. Evasive plant that grows quickly. Only recommended for extremely stagnant ponds.
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